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Our Mission

By raising funds to support organizations that empower and enrich the lives of people with disabilities, our mission to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, is able to enjoy life and live a life of purpose.

The Story of Andrew's Hugs

Andrew’s Hugs was created in memory of Andrew Norton. Andrew had Prader-Willi Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that affected him both mentally and physically. However, that did not stop Andrew from living a full and happy life. That full and happy life was partially due to his involvement with Adult Recreation through Community Living, Special Olympics, and his employment at BCI.

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When he passed away, as Andrew's family, we realized that there were so many people like Andrew who weren’t living their best life, or didn’t have the same opportunities as Andrew. We set out to change that.

We named the organization Andrew’s Hugs because Andrew didn’t shake hands, he hugged. His hugs were famous because they truly made your day better.

Andrew was also all about a good time. He took every chance given to get out and have fun. Adults with disabilities face unique challenges when it comes to heading out to have a fun. How will they get there? Who will help them? How will they pay? Thankfully, there are organizations that help with these challenges, and this is why we raise funds  - we want to make sure that these organizations continue to thrive and impact the lives of people with disabilities every single day.

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Andrew’s Hugs hosts a variety of fundraisers each year, our biggest being an auction we call Rock’n Roll…and Hugs. Andrew was a dancer, so of course our auctions feature a band! We keep our ticket prices cheap at $20, and we make sure the beer is cold. That combined with amazing donations, we sell out the 600 person venue year after year.

Our organization runs on the generosity of our family and friends. Each year we gain more and more support from the community, and we are forever grateful. 


Thank you for your support!

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